Off-Site SEO Strategies-Part 2

Off-Site SEO

The third strategy is Getting Product Reviews from Influencers.

Sometimes when business owners think about working with bloggers or influences, they’re thinking specifically about, “Will this attract sales?” The truth is, sometimes it will. Sometimes it won’t. There are no guarantees.

One aspect of a product giveaway that we have more control over is getting a link from an influences. Sometimes the SEO benefit of a getting a back-link from an influences can be even more valuable than the shutout. We want them to post on their website as well to take advantage of their search traffic and domain authority.

So how do you choose the right influences? Start by choosing people who have built an audience that is relevant to your business. If we’re a small business, don’t be afraid to start with small influences. They may be much more willing to work with we because they don’t get pitched as often. 

Just like guest posting, we can also look at the domain authority of the blog we want to reach out to. The higher the domain authority, the more helpful a link will be.

The fourth method I recommend is Brand Reclamation.

Also called link reclamation, this is the process of finding websites that have mentioned our brand but forgotten to include a link to our website. This strategy is best if we’ve had a business for at least six months and have been actively working on promoting your business.

Off-Site SEO Strategies-Part 1

Off Page SEO strategies

Remember, the reason we’re building back-links is to improve our ranking in Google, which will drive more traffic to our website. When external sites link to our website it increases our domain authority. This notifies Google that our website is valuable and worth showcasing high in the search results.

Backlinks can also help build exposure for your brand and drive referral traffic to our website when someone clicks on the link.

Let’s get into the first two strategies:

1.Guest Posting: Guest posting is when we provide informational content to another blog or media outlet, ideally one related to our niche. The idea is that when we guest post on another website, we can include links to our websites in the post.

Here are two ways to help you decide.

1.Domain Authority. 

Google essentially has their own list of the top websites they track for domain authority. A tool that many SEO marketers use to try to understand domain authority is Moz. The second way to target a guest post is Relevance. The more relevant the content around that back link is to our website, the more it will help us.

So if you sell blue jeans and you got a link from a website about indoor plants, it’s out of place. This signals to Google that there may be a scam going on. Remember, we’re looking for websites in our niche with high domain authority where we can write a guest post about a topic that directly relates to the popular products you want to highlight.

2.Public Relations.

This is similar to guest posting, but we don’t write the post our self. Instead, we are interviewed and the journalist or content producer and they include a link to our website in their article. The value of PR is that when we get featured in a media outlet, we benefit from the media outlets domain authority and get our message to their audience. The PR industry is changing, and it’s now easier than ever to make connections with journalists and producers online or through social media and email our pitch directly. 

So how do you choose what media outlet to reach out to? Here are a couple of ways:

Number one: check out the media outlets our competitors have been featured in. This way we can see which media has helped them rank.

Number two: search for relevant podcasts in our niche. Pod-casters usually share a blog post where they share the podcast and link out to your website. 

Number three: sign up for a free service like HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out. HARO shares daily opportunities to be featured in various media outlets. If we’ve never pitched to the media before, that’s no problem.