The Must Do SEO Habits

SEO is not a tactic you do one time, and you’re done. It’s an ongoing practice for marketing your business.

Here are four tips that we use regularly to ensure up yo date with our SEO:

#1. Every time we publish a new page, we do some quick keyword research to make sure we are optimizing that page for the best search term based on intent and monthly search volume. 

#2. Every week, we check my organic search traffic in Google Analytics. Many keywords are seasonal and our organic traffic will probably go up and a down a bit week over week, but it’s helpful to check in regularly to make sure things are trending in the right direction.

#3. Every quarter, we check my search analytics in Google Search Console to see if there are any interesting keywords that we can improve our ranking for. We also check to see if Google has flagged any technical problems on our website that might be affecting our search engine optimization. 

#4. We pursue promotional opportunities for our website as often as we have time for. It could be press coverage, a guest posting opportunity, an influencer partnership,or something else that helps to build a steady stream of backlinks and exposure.