Off-Site SEO Strategies-Part 2

The third strategy is Getting Product Reviews from Influencers.

Sometimes when business owners think about working with bloggers or influences, they’re thinking specifically about, “Will this attract sales?” The truth is, sometimes it will. Sometimes it won’t. There are no guarantees.

One aspect of a product giveaway that we have more control over is getting a link from an influences. Sometimes the SEO benefit of a getting a back-link from an influences can be even more valuable than the shutout. We want them to post on their website as well to take advantage of their search traffic and domain authority.

So how do you choose the right influences? Start by choosing people who have built an audience that is relevant to your business. If we’re a small business, don’t be afraid to start with small influences. They may be much more willing to work with we because they don’t get pitched as often. 

Just like guest posting, we can also look at the domain authority of the blog we want to reach out to. The higher the domain authority, the more helpful a link will be.

The fourth method I recommend is Brand Reclamation.

Also called link reclamation, this is the process of finding websites that have mentioned our brand but forgotten to include a link to our website. This strategy is best if we’ve had a business for at least six months and have been actively working on promoting your business.