A Professional Speaking Portfolio

In order for one to be hired for better paying jobs you need to market yourself in a successful manner. You can start out doing this buy creating your very own promotional kit. Many speakers feel underpaid or lack frequent employment opportunities simply because they don’t market their services effectively. A well-made promotional kit will greatly add to your demand and therefore will result in a higher number of well-paying jobs.

While selecting a professional speaker, certain criteria are used by the respective meeting planners and speaker bureaus in order to verify if you meet their standards. Among the information they seek is:

1. Your content sheet 2. A demo (audio and/or video) 3. A list of products 4. A sample client list 5. Testimonials and reviews 6. A personal biography 7. Contact information.

Additionally, you can write a personal letter stating your reason for interest in the particular engagement and why you would be a great choice for them.

The content sheet is a means for a professional speaker to outline the material that he will be presenting. In this case emphasize on themes that are relevant to the seminar or discussion that will be taking place.

You can compile a short professional video showing your ability and talent as well as feel of what the prospective employer will get in return for hiring you. The content of the video should relate to the subject or material that you wish to speak on.

If you have any books, CDs or DVDs that you produce, you should include them here if they are related to the topic of interest. Make sure the prices are clearly indicated. Furthermore, you can also list any other types of speaking jobs that you undertake as well as their respective costs.

A list of clients for whom you’ve worked for can be shown. It is important to note that a number of clients will snub your feedback requests. Either they haven’t taken the time to fill out a review form or are simply not interested in doing so. It is still advisable to keep a list of clients who you have worked for.

Reviews and testimonials are a great way for prospective employers to gauge your credibility. Reviews focus on the experiences of others who have worked with you of seen your work. Reviews can be received after jobs have been completed by requesting for feedback. This can be free or paid for.

Your personal biography is a way for you to flaunt your personal qualifications. It should be short and precise and give whoever reads it enough information to so that they may have a brief background on you as well as be in a better position to select you as a professional speaker. Your biography should include any certifications that you may have acquired. It may come off as a personal ad and as such can be used to advertise the seminar at hand. It is recommended to attach your picture to the biography.

After going through the trouble of marketing yourself, it is important that prospective employers can contact you. Your contact information should therefore be easy to access in case they desire to contact you.

A professionally made portfolio will help market you successfully and get you enroute to becoming a thriving professional speaker. The importance of well-done marketing will thus become evident.